Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wow! We've made it to the Future! Jetsons, move over!

First of all, let me say "Thank You for visiting my Blog." Please enjoy my video clips and short stories I've been putting up here. I'd love to have your feedback.

I know this is a little off the usual Diving topic. It's really cool though so I want to share it with you. Something was introduced to me recently and all I can say is "Wow!" This may sound crazy but, I think I've found the next "Microsoft"! Are you an open minded person that would be willing to look at something that could change your financial future? If you are, then when would be a good time for me to show you what I'm talking about?

Did you know you are in the digital age? First Clue...You're reading a BLOG! Who ever heard of this five years ago?? You might be thinking "What the heck is that?" Well just about every thing we use these days is some sort of digital device either for communicating, taking pictures and/or sending information. We all have cell phones, computers, digital cameras, email at home, email at work, etc., etc. The future is here. Everyone is part of this new trend. Would you like to capitalize on it when society changes its technology using habits??? If you are open minded and would like to take advantage of a great business opportunity, then I invite you to please check out my new web site at

Maybe you have the eyes to see what I have seen; a way to increase your income without jeopardizing what you are currently doing. Would you like to make money in your sleep like I do? I'm looking for the right people to join my team. Aren't you ready to get a little something going on the side that can really make your financial freedom a possibilty in the years to come? I hope you'll at least take a look at what I've started. If it's not for you, maybe you can think of someone who is in the right place at the right time. I'd love to share this with you. I don't want to make all the money myself and leave you out in the cold! Check it out! When you get there, watch the short video. It will give you a quick overview of what we've got that everyone is going to be using in the next few months and years to come. You'll be really glad you checked this out!

Hey, check out this sea turtle video I put up on my Helloworld page today!

Aloha and mahalo,

Shaka D