Monday, June 18, 2007

Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse gets faked out by the Mor-Fin Delfins!

Check out this Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse getting very curious of my new American Delfin!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Why I Love My Mor-Fin American Delfins"

Yesterday I made my third dive with my Brand New Mor-Fin American DelFin SCUBA Fins and they absolutely ROCK! I've tried many brands and types of fins over the last 26 years and I've never kicked anything so smooth and light. These make diving as "easy as walking on land". Very minimal resistance and really good forward thrust. The New American DelFins don't put any strain on your ankles. They are light weight and efficient. The new "No Hassle Strap Design" really is just what it says it is too..."No Hassle". Easy to adjust and they don't get all hung up in my dive flag line. These fins are just plain "slippery"!

Here's a demonstration of the speed and simplicity of these fins in action!

I put these fins to the test already with 8 months of diving the prototypes and now I finally have a finished product. I am very pleased and will probably never be in the market for another fin, ever! Hold them in your hands, put them on your feet. You will know just by touching them that these are special fins. They feel almost indestructable....practically bullet-proof! Try them out. You'll discover how easy it is to move in the water when you use fins designed for really fast and efficient pelagic fish!! Why did it take so long for someone to finally start selling fins like this????

Friday, June 8, 2007

Look at this really cool octopus!

Hey, check out this super cool little octopus I watched crawl around on the sea floor yesterday. We were about 30 feet deep, just off the reef at Ulua Beach. This was late in the day, close to 5:30 pm. I got some great photos of him too. They really are my favorite animal ever!!

How I eat a Reese's!

Sometimes I get hungry underwater. I do like sushi, but once in a while, I get the craving for some chocolate and peanut butter! This was absolutely delicious!

Please don't try this at home!

Monday, June 4, 2007

It's Turtle Time!

Hey, this was pretty cool. Look what I saw on my dive today! It's always fun to cruise with the turtles! I think they must laugh inside at how clumsy we are down there!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Desert Storm at Burning Man 2006

This is an amazing video clip of the massive dust devil we saw at Burning Man last year. It was pretty wild! We watched it from the Outdoor Disco Roller Rink. Look Out!! I don't know who shot this video but I'd like to thank them for posting it on You Tube for us to see. It was really amazing to actually be there and see, hear and feel it in person. Oh yeah, we had to breathe it too! Wild!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Torpedo Diving

I love my Torpedos! They're a lot of fun and I really dig running out to the St. Anthony wreck with them. Here's a hot I put up on You Tube of one of my dive buddies cruising along side. He's not too bad for an U/W cowboy!

I put another clip up with me following a white tip reef shark. It's a little tricky to ride and shoot at the same time, but these Torpedos are usable with one hand. Not too many other dive scooters can claim that! I'm down around 50-60 feet on this shot. Nice visibility!