Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How dark is a Night Dive anyway?

I love Night Diving. It's kind of freaky and most people would never even dream of going out deep into the ocean in the middle of the night with just a flashlight and some scuba gear. When the subject comes up people ask me this a lot: "Just how dark is it on a Night Dive?" Well, depending on the moon, it can be kind of dark or it can be completely pitch dark. Either way, it's no where near as easy to see at night as it is during the day.

Here's a couple of clips I shot on some recent night dives I made over the 4th of July holiday weekend. The first is of a Box Jellyfish. The second is of a Green Sea Turtle and the third is of a very active Night Octopus. Check them out and think about joining me on my next night time scuba adventure! That is "If you dare!!"

Box Jellyfish pulsating through the water.

Endangered Green Sea Turtle swims by.

Night Octopus on the prowl.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dive 3,300! Celebrated with a shot of Mona Vie!

I'm so happy to announce that I finally made my 3,300th dive in Hawaii on Friday the 16th of May. It was an awesome day of diving with some friends from New York. Thanks Felix and Dena! The sky was overcast with VOG like I've never seen but due to the Kona Winds, the sea was smooth as glass. Visibility was amazing at around 20 to 3 feet inshore and well over 70 feet out on the reef. We saw turtles, eels, frogfish and had a great time. Conditions were so nice there that we decided to make a second dive to explore the caves a little more. Two hours U/W that day! It was great. That was two hours that we didn't have to breathe the VOG too!

Mid dive, I decided to quench my thirst a totally new way. Watch this You Tube video to see how it went! Mona Vie Rocks!

Next stop, dive 3,500! Here we go!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Whale Day is Almost here again!

Two weeks to Whale Day!


Aloha everyone. Just an announcement that Whale Day is only two weeks away! Come down to Kihei and check it out. We'll be in the Parade of Whales again and will also be hosting a booth. The Parade of Whales starts out at 9:00 am along downtown south Kihei beginning at the Fire Station. Kalama Park will be the site of the Whale Day Festival from 10:00 to 5:00 with live bands, food and lots of fun! Check it out at: Pacific Whale Foundation - Tours

Here's a link to my blog announcement and pictures from Whale Day Parades of the past few years. I hope to see lots of SCUBABOARDERS there! Click on the Globe icon for the video blog and Camera icon for the pictures.

You gotta Love Whale Day!